Ordo Ab Chao

William Harvey


Lectures by William Harvey, J.P. F.S.A. Scot.,

  • Initiated in Stirling Royal Arch No. 76 in 1899.
  • Founder Member of Lodge 967 in 1904.
  • R.W.M. of Lodge 967 in 1914 to 1916.
  • Founder Member of lodge 1149 in 1915.
  • P.Z. of Royal Arch Chapter No. 421.
  • Provincial Grand Bard of Forfarshire 1915.
  • Founder Member of Lodge 1192 in 1919.
  • Sub Provincial Grand Master of Forfarshire.
  • Provincial Grand Master Depute of Forfarshire.
  • Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Forfarshire 1935.


The Wages of an Entered Apprentice / The Wages of an Entered Apprentice (pdf of original document)

The North-East Corner / The North East Corner (pdf of original document)

The Doorway of Freemasonry / The Doorway of Freemasonry (pdf of original document)

The Lodge and its Furniture

THE MASON’S APRON / The Masons Apron (pdf of original document)


Landmarks (pdf of original document)

The Altar of Freemasonry (1st degree) / The Altar of Freemasonry (pdf of original document)

The Pillars of Freemasonry (2nd degree)  / The Pillars of Freemasonry (pdf of original document)

The Third Degree In Freemasonry Its Ornaments and Emblems / The Third Degree (pdf of original document)


THE STORY OF HIRAM ABIFF / The Story of Hiram Abiff (pdf of original document)

Robert Burns as a Freemason (pdf of original document)

Robert Burns in Stirlingshire (pdf of original document) - Also written by Harvey but not masonic.

Freemasonry at War (pdf of original document)

THE COMPLETE MANUAL OF FREEMASONRY (Craft Ritual) - Buy on Grand Lodge of Scotland website.

The Emblems of Freemasonry - Buy on Grand Lodge of Scotland website.

The Masonic Catechisms, E.A., F.C. and M.M.

Our Lady Luge of Dundee

The Mark Mason’s Register

The Story of the Royal Arch (pdf of original document)

Humour for the Craft:


How Tamson got the Third Degree

THE SECRETS OF FREEMASONRY as contained in the Gospel of St Andrew / The Secrets of Freemasonry (pdf of original document)

Tam o' Shanter and the Merry Masons (pdf of original document)

For Harmony Nights:

How to Make a Speech.

Masonic Readings and Recitations - Significant Scots: William Harvey


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