Ordo Ab Chao

Scots Masonry

The Grand Lodge of Scotland - Scottish Craft Freemasonry

1. Entered Apprentice (Initiation)
2. Fellow Craft (Fellowship)
3. Master Mason (968 BCE - Death of Chief Architect)
4. Mark Master Mason (974 BCE - Preparation of K.S.T.)

Seal GLOS - Copy g l o s


The Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland - The Royal Arch-Masons of Scotland

4. Mark Master Mason (974 BCE - Preparation of K.S.T.)
5. Excellent Master Mason (536 BCE - Rebuilding of 2nd Temple)
6. Royal Arch Mason (534 BCE - Recovery of the Word)


Lodge and Council degrees:

7. Royal Ark Mariner (4000 BCE - The Flood)
8. Babylonish Pass (Red Cross Degrees): (525 BCE - Restoration of the Treasures)
 8a. 1st point or Knight of the Sword
 8b. 2nd point or Knight of the East
 8c. 3rd point or Knight of the East and West


Cryptic degrees:

9. Royal Master Mason (968 BCE - Deposition of the Word)
10. Select Master Mason (969 BCE - Construction of the Sacred Vault)
11. Super Excellent Master Mason (586 BCE - Destruction of K.S.T.)

sgracs1 sgrac_arms


Great Priory of Scotland - The Knights Templar of Scotland

1. Knight Templar (1119 CE - The Crusades)
2. Mediterranean Pass or Knight of St Paul
3. Knight of St John of Jerusalem or Knight of Malta (1128 CE - The Hospitallers)

ScotKT GPKTScotland


Grand Imperial Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine of Scotland

1. Knights of Rome
2. Red Cross of Constantine (312 CE - Conversion of the Emperor)
3. Knights of the Holy Sepulchre (326 CE - The Discoveries of St Helena)
4. Knight of St John the Evangelist (63 CE - After Julian the Apostate)

RCC Scot 



Societas Rosicruciana In Scotia  -

  1. Zelator
  2. Theoricus
  3. Practicus
  4. Philosophus
  5. Adeptus Minor
  6. Adeptus Major
  7. Adeptus Exemptus
  8. Magister
  9. Magus



The Guild of Masons, Paviours, Tylers, Bricklayers, Guild of Masons ScotlandPlaisterers, Joyners, Glaziors, Plombiers & Wrights of Scotland.  - (Scots version of The “Operatives”)

1. Indentured Apprentice.
2. Journeyman
3. Mark Mason
4. Fore-Man
5. Intendent or Wise Master
6. Superintendent or Perfect Master
7. Passed Master or Sublime Master

Corp of Squaremen


Ye Corporation O' Squaremen

(A Scottish Masonic Order)

The Grand Shed -

Mither Shed -



Ye Antient Order of Noble Corks






The Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland

1. (HRM of KLWNG) Heredom of Kilwinning
2. (RSY-CS) Knights of the Rosy Cross





The Supreme Council for Scotland of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

18˚ Knight Rose Croix
30˚ Knight of Kadosh
31˚ Inspector Inquisitor
32˚ Master of the Royal Secret
33˚ Inspector General



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