Ordo Ab Chao

Royal Order

The Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland

Originally known (in London in 1743) as: The Brethren of the Scotch H-d-m, or Ancient and Honourable Order of K-n-g. or in France as the: La Ordre Royal d’Heredom de Kilwinning

1. (HRM of KLWNG) Heredom of Kilwinning
2. (RSY-CS) Knights of the Rosy Cross


The Provincial Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland in the USA -

GIE - Copy rosc

crosb ROSsmall

Tower ROS GMROS Seal karnes-pike


Notes on the Order of Kilwinning or Scotch Heredom, the present Royal Order of Scotland, by Alain Bernheim 33˚


Royal Order of Scotland Token front Royal Order of Scotland Token back


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