Ordo Ab Chao

Irish Masonry
Irish Freemasonry
Grand Lodge of Ireland (Craft Masonry) - The building of King Solomon’s Temple
1. EA
2. FC
3. MM
Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland (Irish Royal Arch Masonry) - The repairs of the Temple by King Josiah 
4. Mark Master Mason
5. Royal Arch
Irish RAC Irish RA
Grand Council of Knight Masons of Ireland (Knight Masonry - formerly known as the Red Cross Degrees) - The building of the Second Temple by Zerubabbel after the return of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin from their seventy years of captivity in Babylon, circa. 536 B.C.E.
1. Knight of the Sword (formerly Red Cross of Daniel or Babylonian Pass) - Zerubabbel’s visit to the court of King Cyrus of Persia.
2. Knight of the East (formerly Jordan Pass) - Zerubabbel’s later visit to the court of King Darius.
3. Knight of the East and West (formerly Royal Order of Prussian [Persian] Blue) - Zerubabbel returns to his fellow countrymen in Jerusalem.
knight masons of ireland
Great Priory of Ireland
1. Knight Templar
2. Mediterranean Pass
3. Knight of Malta
Youghal No 68 KT Tracing Board
Grand Chapter of Prince Masons (Rose Croix)
18. Knight of the Eagle and Pelican and Prince Grand Rose Croix
Ancient and Accepted Rite for Ireland 28-33
28. Knight of the Sun
30. Philosophical Mason Knight Kadosh
31. Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
32. Prince of the Royal Secret
33. Sovereign Grand Inspector General
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