Ordo Ab Chao

French Rite

The French Rite of Freemasonry

1. Apprenti (Apprentice)

2. Compagnon (Fellow Craft)

3. Maitre (Master)

4. Elu Secret (Secret Elect)

5. Grand Elu Ecossais (Grand Scotch Elect)

6. Chevalier de l'Orient (Knight of the East)

7. Souverain Prince Rose-Croix (Rose Cross)

grand chapitre francais -GLNF Francais_2



Maconnerie Adonhiramique

(The Adonhiramite Masonic Rite)

1. Apprenti (Apprentice)

2. Compagnon (Fellow Craft)

3. Maitre (Master)

4. Elu des Neuf (Elect of Nine)

5. Elu de Perignan (Elect of Perignan)

6. Elu of the Fifteen

7. Le Petit Architect (Minor Architect) or Apprentice Ecossais

8. Grand Architect or Compagnon Ecossais (Scottish Fellowcraft)

9. Le Maitre Ecossais (Superintendent Scotch Master)

10. Chevalier de l'Orient (Knight of the East)

11. Le Chevalier Rose Croix (Knight of the Rose Cross)

12. Chevalier Prussien (Prussian Knight) or Noachite


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