Hiram, Huram, Adoniram and the Menatzchim in the Bible


1 KINGS 5:15

Hiram King of Tyre חִירָם מֶלֶךְ צוׄר

1 KINGS 7:13

King Solomon sent and took Hiram from Tyre. He was the son of a widowed woman, from the tribe of Naphtali; his father had been a Tyrian coppersmith.

Hiram from Tyre חִירָם מִצֺּר

2 Chronicles 2:13

Huram Abi חוּרָם אָבִי

2 Chronicles 4:16

Huram Abiv חוּרָם אָבִיו

1 KINGS 5:27

Adoniram over the levy אֲדׄנִירָם

Was in charge of:

30,000 men of all Israel – the levy אִישׁ

70,000 who carried Burdens

80,000 who hewed in the mountain

חֺצֵב בָּהָר3,300 Chief Officers, appointed over the work הָרׄדִים

The builders of Solomon בֺּנֵי שְׁלֺמִֺה

The builders of Hiram וּבֺנֵי חִירוֺם

The Gebalites carved the stones וְהַגִּבְלִים

Sidonians צִּדֺנִים

Dictionary of Freemasonry:

300 Harodim – Princes, rulers or provosts

3,300 Menatzchim – Overseers (word means Consoler or Comforter)

80,000 Giblim – Stone-squarers

30,000 The levy of Israel

70,000 Ish Sabbal – the men of burden

2 Chronicles 2:1

70,000 men who carried burdens – Ish Sabal אִישׁ סַבָּל

80,000 men who hewed stone in the mountain – Ish Chotzev BaHar אִישׁ חֺצֵב בָּהָר

3,600 overseeing them – M’natzchim מְנַצְּחִים

2 Chronicles 2:17

Menatzchim מנצחים

Tabernacle rested in Gibeon גִבְעוׄן


Adonijah – 4th son of DavidJoab ben Zeruiah – 1st Commander of the ArmyAbiathar the Kohen  


Zadok the KohenBenaiah ben Jehoiada – 2nd Commander of the ArmyNathan the ProphetShimei & Rei


  1. Azariah ben Zadok the Kohen
  2. Elihoreph ben Shisha – Scribe
  3. Ahijah ben Shisha – Scribe
  4. Jehoshaphat ben Ahilud – Secretary
  5. Benaiah ben Jehoiada – Commander of the Army
  6. Zadok the Kohen
  7. Abiathar the Kohen
  8. Azariah ben Nathan – Over the Commissioners
  9. Zabud ben Nathan – a senior minister, a friend of the king
  10. Ahishar – the Chamberlain
  11. Adoniram ben Abda – over the Taxes

1 KINGS 4:7 – Solomons 12 Regional Commissioners

  1. Ben Hur – Mount Ephraim
  2. Ben Deker – Makaz, Shaalbim, Beth Shemesh and Elon Beth Hanan
  3. Ben Hesed – Arubboth, Socoh, Hepher
  4. Ben Abinadab – Dor (Taphath daughter of Solomon became his wife)
  5. Baana ben Ahilud – Taanach, Megiddo, Beth Shean
  6. Ben Geber – Ramoth Gilead, Argob/Bashan
  7. Ahinadab ben Iddo – Mahanaim
  8. Ahimaaz – Naphtali (married Basemath daughter of Solomon)
  9. Baana ben Hushai – Asher, Aloth
  10. Jehoshaphat ben Paruah – Issachar
  11. Shimei ben Ela – Benjamin
  12. Geber ben Uri – Gilead, Sihon, Og

1 KINGS 7:21

  1. Right Pillar – Jachin (Establish) יָכִין
  2. Left Pillar – Boaz (Strength is in it) בֺּעַז

1 KINGS 9:10

The land of Cabul – in the Galilee

 אֶרֶץ כָּבוּל

 בְּאֶרֶץ הַגָּלִיל

Kings 1, Ch 12, v 18: And king Rehoboam sent Adoram who was in charge of the tax, and all of Israel pelted him with stones, and he died, and king Rehoboam exerted himself to get up into his chariot to flee to Jerusalem.

2 Chron. Ch 10, v 18: And King Rehoboam sent Hadoram, who was appointed over the tax, and the Children of Israel pelted him with stones and he died, and King Rehoboam exerted himself to get up into his chariot to flee to Jerusalem.