Further Reading

Further Reading 

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The Early Masonic Catechisms by Bro. Harry Carr. 1943, 1963
1 Edinburgh Register House MS 1696 Found in the Court of Session Building, Edinburgh in 1808.
2 Chetwode Crawley MS c1700 
3 Kevan MSc 1714-20 Found in a collection of old legal documents from a firm of solicitors in Duns, Berwickshire.
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8 Grand Mystery of FM Discover’d 1724 
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10 Institution of FM MS c1725 
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12 Graham MS 1726 
13 Grand Mystery Laid Open 1726 
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15 Wilkinson MS c1727 
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17 Prichard’s Masonry Dissected 1730 
18 Chesham MS c1740 
19 Dialogue Between Simon and Philip c1740 
20 Essex MS c1750     

The Early French Exposures by Bro. Harry Carr. AQC 1971
1 Reception d’un Frey-Macon 1737 Reception of a Free-Mason
2 La Reception Mysterieuse 1738 The Mysterious Initiation
3 Le Secret des Francs-Macons 1742 The Secret of the Free-Masons
4 Le Catechisme des Francs-Macons 1744 Catechism of the Free-Masons
5 La Franc-Maconne 1744 The Lady Free-Mason
6 Le Parfait Macon 1744 The Perfect Mason
7 Le Sceau Rompu 1745 The Broken Seal
8 L’Ordre des Francs-Macons Trahi 1745 The Order of the Free-Masons Betrayed
9 Les Francs-Macons Ecrases 1747 The Free-Masons Crushed
10 La Desolation des Entrepreneurs Modernes du Temple de Jerusalem 1747 The Desolation of the Modern Builders of the Temple of Jerusalem
11 L’Anti-Macon 1748 The Anti-Mason
12 Le Macon Demasque 1751 The Mason Unmasked    

English Masonic Exposures 1760-69 by ACF Jackson. Lewis Masonic 1986
1 A Master Key to FM 1760 
2 Three Distinct Knocks 1760 
3 Jachin and Boaz 1762 
4 Hiram 1764 
5 Mystery of FM Explained 1765 
6 Shibboleth 1765 
7 Mahhabone 1766 
8 Solomon in all his Glory 1766 
9 The FM Stripped Naked 1769