Ecossais Rectifie

The Rectified Scottish Rite (Rite Ecossais Rectifie)

L’Ordre de Chevalier Bienfaisant de la Cité Sainte

Great Priory of England:

Great Priory of America:

Grand Priory of Italy:

Great Priory of Helvetia:

Grand Prieure Des Gaules:

cbcs england

Conferred in a Lodge of St John:

1. EA

2. FC

3. MM 

Conferred in a Lodge of St Andrew:

4. Scottish Master of St Andrew 

Conferred in a Chapter of the Inner Order:

5. Squire Novice

6. CBCS (Knight Beneficent of the Holy City) 

CBCSScottish Master of St Andrew's - Collar Jewel